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November 13, 2022

Celebrating Earth Day with #algodark

Celebrating Earth Day with #algodark

Celebrating Earth Day with #algodark

In honour of Earth Day on Friday 22 April, CC Token launched #algodark, an exciting initiative across Twitter to support Algorand's Times Square blackout. 

A brilliant marketing idea, Algorand darkened the lights of all the billboards in Times Square for an entire hour, saving approximately 23.4 billion joules of energy. The same amount of energy would power only 1.5 seconds of Bitcoin's operations or six monetary transactions on the blockchain. On the other hand, the energy could power 350 million transactions on Algorand's network, according to the Algorand Foundation.

To support Algorand's initiative and raise awareness around the carbon impact of blockchain technology, CC Token launched #algodark, a campaign which encouraged all Algorand Twitter accounts to join forces with Algorand's 'dark hour' by turning their profiles dark for the same hour:

In addition to the blackout, CC Token also hosted a Twitter Space to discuss Algorand's Times Square blackout, their marketing strategy, climate action, NFTs and more. 248 individuals tuned in over the hour, providing for an inspiring discussion. We were joined by a number of stimulating speakers from the Algorand community including Al Goanna, Marrs Attaxx, John Algo, Algo Cats and more. Together we discussed the power of the Algorand brand, the growing ecosystem surrounding it and the technology behind the network. 

Attaxx brought a great perspective to the growing NFT community on Algorand and how it is distinctly unique when compared to NFT communities on other chains:

 "The development of the NFT community on Algorand is a result of transaction fees being so low…the way innovation happens on Algo is much more organic than other chains because you can experiment…you can't do that when transaction fees are so high like they are on other chains. Have a massive advantage in our artist community…because transaction fees are so low. That's what really inspires me about the community" - Marrs Attaxx, polynize co-creator

We also talked about a few different NFT communities that are supporting environmental projects and Attaxx brought up a great point about the growing utility of NFTs, working towards a common objective:

"What can NFTs teach us about stories, about creating and incentivising communities around specific objectives? There's a lot to learn and unpack within that." - Marrs

Indeed there is and we look forward to supporting the community and educating users around the all exciting environmental Algo NFT initiatives. Listen to our Twitter Spaces discussion here if you missed it.  

One of the next steps for Algorand that we discussed was onboarding larger organisations onto the chain. Charity organisations, nonprofits and NGOs have a massive opportunity within the space. Benji, founder of leading Algorand NFT Community Al Goanna, shared that they are working with a few to onboard them to hopefully accept donations directly in the near future.

To continue the momentum, CC Token launched 10 days of Earth Day Celebration. Over the next week and a half, we’re announcing an array of exciting initiatives including the launch of our Algorand Room on our website. Tune in via our Twitter to join in on the excitement. 

Overall, the #algodark campaign galvanised the Algorand community to come together around a common purpose that has driven many to the ecosystem already - the environment. It is Algorand's north star and together, as a community, we will lead the way in the Web3 community to hopefully inspire more to join us and work towards a brighter, greener future.

Check out a few of our favourite community tweets from the #algodark campaign: